About us

What was once a humble farming garden The Yende and Partners (pty)ltd enterprise is today a family owned private business. The farming business has been in our bloodline for years and has been passed down for generations.The business is run by a father and daughter duo.The company was built from scratch to where it is now currently. We currently operating on a functional farm that is 1064 hectares in size and is situated Ratanda, Heidelberg in the Lesedi municipality within the Sedibeng district.

We currently farm 3 major commodities, which are livestock, grains and vegetables.

We also offer integrated learning opportunities to 3rd years students on our farm.We aim to empower and teach the youth who aspire to be farmers one day.

Our Commodities
  • Grains Maize Yellow and White maize

  • Crops Butternuts over

  • Livestock, Cows, goats and sheeps

Mission and Values

At the Yende farm, our mission and values define us a company and as individuals. We developed two mission statements when I took over the farm business from my father a few years ago. Although things have changed and the company has grown over the years, our mission statement has never been altered. It continues to define who we are and how we farm. The health of our livestock has a direct impact on the nutritional value and safety of the products we pass to our customers, and in turn our reputation and potential for growth.

We believe that our primary responsibility is to produce healthy, life giving food. We are also committed to making a strong contribution to an improved environment and giving back to our community.
Our mission is to build community through education, food accessibility, and by being a model of appropriate land stewardship and sustainable agriculture techniques.
The Yende and Partners enterprise is a profitable company whose employees are committed to producing the highest quality crops and livestock, thus achieving the highest customer satisfaction. We accomplish this through teamwork, embodying integrity and progressive agricultural practices in a safe, wholesome work environment.
We provide educational experience centered on a sustainable farming model which is healthy for the individual and the environment. We will ensure food accessibility through programs focused on putting the best healthy food possible into the hands of the community and those most in need. We encourage a continuation of organic farming methods through training and providing tools necessary for farm apprentices to move forward in their own pursuit of responsible land stewardship.
The Yende and partners enterprise will be perceived by customers as the benchmark of the grain, vegetables and livestock industries. We accomplish being environmentally friendly, our will strive to create a safe, rewarding working environment for its employees. It will continue to grow and diversify using state of the art agricultural practices while achieving financial success with utmost efficiency.
We believe in a culture that is committed to the environment and community. Producing a high quality product requires the hard work of a dedicated team, and every employee that walks through our doors learns a set of values that define of company.