The Yende and Partners enterprise leadership team is committed to:

Employees: We recognize that our employees are an integral part of the Yende and Partners team and are our most important resource. We are committed to providing our employees with leadership based on honesty and integrity and treating them with fairness, respect and dignity. We vow to provide them with an enjoyable, safe, and rewarding work environment.

Customers: We recognize our customers are essential to our success, and we are committed to listening to them in order to continuously improve our processes to provide quality products and services that exceed their expectations

Quality:Quality is the Yende and Partners number one goal. We do notcompromise. We are committed to embracing and employing total quality in every aspect of our business in our employees, our operations, and our processes, to our customers.

Food Safety and Security: WE committed to supplying the marketplace with our commodities and more that are safe for consumption by our costumers. We are committed to doing our part to ensure security of our grains, livestock and vegetables from our fields to the stores and customers.

Community: We recognize that the community in which we live and work local and all around the country is important to our success, and we are committed to being good neighbours by providing protection, support, and service in any way possible.

Land: We recognize that our land is a precious, valuable asset and we are committed to good agricultural practices and land conservation both of which are environmentally friendly growing practices.

Business practices: We are committed to utilizing ethical business practices, state of the art technology, and good management practices to sustain progressive growth and financial success.

Plans to accumulate the funds

Weaner business (We already have a market and already in business just need more cows to supply consistently)

Bee Keeping (We have blue gum tree in our farm which means we can product eucalyptus raw honey, which is the best quality and more profitable). We can also process this money and make oils, lotions and candles with the wax.

Hemp plantation (I have been granted the max plantation I just need irrigation and fencing in order to plant. Registered seeds and other inputs will be supplied by the government as it is a new sector and not many have this permit).We can make fibre, oil sand building materials such as hemp bricks.

Maize and Soya beans (We already have a stable market just need the equipment and irrigation). We can process our oils too to make oil from soya beans.

Cash crops production (I already have a stable market for butternuts and any potential markets, just need irrigation to be able to supply consistently)

Poultry (We have the space but require the equipment to start the operation and is a lucrative business).

  • Installation of new borehole

  • Irrigation

  • Fencing

  • Quality bulls and pregnant heifers to accumulate these weaner calves we need to continue

  • Mobile abattoir (for our beef and lamb production)

  • Poultry equipment

  • Bee keeping equipment